Age-Defying Lifting Mask Treatment 50ML - Secret Collagen

Age-Defying Lifting Mask Treatment 50ML

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A revolution in skin care, Secret Collagen is formulated for a variety of skin types. With the belief that beauty is for everyone, our customized fusion of restoring organic elements and the anti-age fighting ingredients of Retinol and Collagen, is designed to encourage intensive cell rejuvenation, reduce dark spots, help to minimize problematic blackheads, and provide the needed skin care regime that will help to protect and repair your skin from the signs of aging.

Working on a molecular level, Our BIO ORGANICA” COLLAGEN & RETINOL formulas assist the skin cell retinoid receptors that regulate certain skin functions. Improving skin texture and speeding up skin cell rejuvenation, which slows down as we age, Secret Collagen works to combat and assist in repairing damage, leaving your skin healthier and younger looking. 

Age-Defying Lifting Mask Treatment 

Re-ignite your inner radiance and fight the signs of aging with our  Age-Defying Lifting Mask Treatment. The perfect Non-Surgical solution to lift, tighten, and firm aging skin. Infused with the restoring ingredients of our BIO ORGANICA” COLLAGEN & RETINOL formula, to combat the signs of aging. Leaving your skin refreshed for a younger and redefined complexion. 

• Lifting
• Tightening
• Firming
• Hydrating

Clean the skin thoroughly and dry entire face. Stir the product before applying. Spread a thin layer of cream evenly on the face. Avoid eyes and lips. Stay motionless for up to 20 minutes while the cream dries and tightens. Do not wash off. You can apply powder makeup on top of the cream, but avoid using liquids or other creams on top of the product.

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