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To our valued customers and supporters,


We have been working extremely hard to update our entire line of products this last year and we are almost finished and ready to launch. We will be sending out a mixture of OLD and NEW packaging over the next couple of months until we have only the NEW boxes in stock. At that time we will launch around the world with all new boxes and packaging for all of our customers to enjoy.


We understand that many may think a new look means a new product or formula. We at Secret Collagen want to make it clear the product formulas HAVE NOT changed at all (not even a little bit) and this is just a packaging update. Your favorite products will continue to be what you love, just with a new and improved look.


We love when a passionate customer contacts us and raves about how much they enjoy using Secret Collagen products and we want to make sure the look is just as exciting as the product itself. We wish you all the best in 2021 and continue to do this for you.


- Team Secret Collagen

Please see the packaging example below:
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